July 2018 – The Interpreter’s House Review of Not in Nightingale Country

from Aoife Lyall’s review of the collection:

… Judith Taylor’s first full poetry collection is one of observation, contemplation, and imagination; drawing its poetic inspiration from myths, legends, modern life, and personal experiences.

The collection’s opening poem ‘Incomer’ posits the speaker as someone new and enthusiatic; someone so keen to embrace their new life that they overwhelm it with their good intentions…

… [a]nd so we learn how to read the rest of this collection: not impressing our lives and experience onto the narratives, but allowing them to teach us something about ourselves.

Taylor re-examines and re-imagines peripheral characters from myth, legend, and fairy-tale… interwined with.. marginal members of our society and our lives: lighthouse keepers, island dwellers, country villagers, taxi drivers…..

… These poems are for and about people living in the margins, on the peripheries by the side-lines of life and give the reader both the chance to be a part of, and stand apart from, these narratives.

from Aoife Lyall  Review: Three Collections in The Interpreter’s House 68 (2018) pp 110-111