June 2018 – ARTEMISpoetry review of Not in Nightingale Country

From Kaye Lee‘s review of my collection:

‘There may not be any nightingales in Judith Taylor’s Scotland, but there are plenty of other creatures, real and imagined, plus folk-tales and sea- and landscapes for her to cast her sometimes humorous, often dark, words at… It is an enjoyable journey… we feel we are right there with her, whether she is outside with nature or inside with art, opera, or reading fairy tales. “think of this poem”, she says, “as a kind of thought-experiment. / … / a small demon / … / shutting away the particles it wants to keep / from the general disorder” (Thought-experiment). And isn’t that the purpose of all poems?’

(Kaye Lee: Short Reviews in ARTEMISpoetry Issue 20, May 2018, p 48)